The Godlike Genius of Scott Walker

Allison Schulnik: Mound (2011) feat. Scott Walker: ‘It’s Raining Today’ (1969)

A short film directed by Allison Schulnik, 2011.
Cinematography by Helder K. Sun.

"It’s raining today
and I’m just about to forget
the train window girl
That wonderful day we met
She smiles through the
smoke from my cigarette

It’s raining today
But once there was summer and you
And dark little rooms
And sleep in late afternoons
Those moments descend on my windowpane

I’ve hung around here too long
Listenin’ to the old
landlady’s hard-luck stories

You out of me me out of you
We go like lovers
To replace the empty space
Repeat our dreams to someone new

It’s raining today
And I watch the cellophane streets
No hang-ups for me
‘Cause hang-ups need company
The street corner girl’s a
cold trembling leaf
It’s raining today
It’s raining today.”

By Norman Ball, 23 May 2011, Skope Magazine.

Scott Walker: ‘An excerpt from Duet For One' (2011)

Commissioned by ROH2, Royal Opera House Associate Artist Aletta Collins and esteemed director Tom Cairns for Cocteau Voices, an evening where Jean Cocteau’s monologues provide the inspiration for two contrasting dramatic pieces in two different artforms: dance and opera.

For the dance piece, Collins re-imagines Cocteau’s monologue Duet For One Voice (1932) with an original score by Scott Walker.

Full program details:

17-25 June 2011 in the Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House, London.

Music Composed and Arranged by Scott Walker
Music Produced and Mixed by Scott Walker and Peter Walsh
Musical Director - Mark Warman
Music Recorded by Peter Walsh
Programming and Sound Manipulation - Andrew McDonnell, Mark Warman and Peter Walsh
Keyboards - Mark Warman
Trumpet - Guy Barker
Acoustic Cello - Peter Gregson
Violin - Paul Willey
Soprano and Tenor Saxophones - Andy Findon and Bradley Grant
Double Basses - Enno Senft, Lynda Houghton, Richard Pryce and Alan Taylor
Percussion - Alasdair Malloy
Music recorded - Kore Studios, London
Music mixed at - Metropolis Studios, London

A 2011 interview with Rod Stanley for the 20th anniversary issue of Dazed & Confused:

A 2011 interview with Rod Stanley for the 20th anniversary issue of Dazed & Confused:

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The Walker Brothers: ‘I Can’t Let It Happen To You’ (1967)

John Walker (real name: John Maus, 1943-2011), one of the founder members of The Walker Brothers, has passed away at the age of 67. His solo vocals can be heard on this song taken from the 1967 Walker Brothers album Images. Among his solo singles are also such as ‘Annabella’ (1967) and ‘Woman’ (1968).

Obituary @ The Guardian:

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